Migrating Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac 2011

Launch Mail Exporter Pro wizard and hit next as the Express mode selected by default. Express mode is recommended as it Auto detects your emails from default profile location of Apple Mail.



Please select the Custom option and select choice Apple Mail Mailbox Archive/ Apple Mail Database and point to the folder V3 or V2 inside Mail which containing your emails, Mail Exporter Pro reads your emails in the folder  and displays the folder structure. Please select the folders you would like to convert.

Save the file to PST if you want to move your emails to Outlook mac 2016, 2011 or Windows Outlook

Once you have finished exporting pst file, please follow these steps to import your emails to outlook 2016 or 2011


  1. Launch Outlook 2016 or 2011 on your Mac. Choose Menu “File >> Import”.
  2. Select the first option “PST ” in import dialog. Click on “ Continue”
  3. Browse the PST file and click on Import”
  4. Select the PST file in file open selection dialog and click “Import”. Wait for the import process to finish. Imported emails can be located in left pane in  Oulook’s Main Window (as shown in following figure.) And you are done !

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